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Historia stovit

Capturing the genuine taste of fruits – healthy and fruity by nature

Our products conquer the tastes all over the world! Stovit product portfolio includes a variety of fruit products – classical and innovative - like jams, preserves, marmalades, plum spreads, roasted apples, pitted cherries, fruits in gel or meat and cheese accompaniments. We aim to satisfy the fruit fantasies of all amateurs of fruity impressions and to accompany them at home during breakfast, dinner, dessert or supper.

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First fruity steps…

Our history dates back to 1970. Initially, we were engaged in the processing of vegetables and fruits. Even though we were tempted by the forbidden fruit already, the really fruity adventure began a bit later …


Debut of fruit jams.

In the 1990s, we felt the fruit energy! So, it happened indeed! We bet on fruits so the premiere of new jams took place as early as 1992. It was sweet madness! Day by day, the number of Stovit jam fans was increasing and so was our strength and eagerness for development. We started to enhance our recipes, technological processes and raw material sourcing policy. And all to manufacture even better jam dainties.


Ahoy fruit adventure!

At the beginning of this century, our fruit fantasies became reality. We developed into a nationwide producer of jams, plum spreads, preserves and marmalades. Our products travelled the world over, conquering the palates of its citizens. Colourful jars on international shelves caught the eyes of amateurs of fruity sweets. The cherry on the top of our efforts was reception of the BRC and HACCP food safety certificates. As a result, we became one of the leading manufacturers of processed fruit products.


We are crossing … our own borders

We wanted more and more from the very beginning! We had untamed Spanish potential and dormant desire for a romance with sun-soaked juicy olives, aromatic olive oils and intensive Spanish specialties. We became part of the Angel Camacho Group, the global manufacturer of these fruits which have been proudly enriching our offer ever since. Accompanied by such duets, we set off to conquer the world! Stovit products crossed borders, satisfying the tastes of the people from various corners of the world.


Explosion of new products.

To let everyone be led by the fruity tide, we broadened our portfolio with additional jam delicacies sweetened, for a change, with fructose– dedicated to diabetics. It was another step on our fruity path, for which we received the recommendation of the Polish Diabetes Association.


Hard work bears juicy fruit.

We were awarded with an honourable mention in the ranking Forbes Diamonds, and also became a member of the noble Business Gazelles club associating the most dynamically developing businesses. Our fruity adventure intensified every year...


THIS flavour must go hand in hand with… THIS jar

That year we had our own way, literally! We created a unique jar for jams, preserves and meat & cheese accompaniments. Now, our products mean not only flavour but also original design.


Back to Polish roots

The lids of our jams have as many as 84 unique images of Polish towns and cities from old postcards! Store shelves also began their history from that moment! Our lids became a particular treat for the connoisseurs of Polish tradition. Raspberry preserve received recommendation of the Industrial Design Institute in the “Good Design” contest, in the category of functional graphics and graphics of packaging.


Flavour euphory guaranteed.

That was something! Raspberry preserve was awarded with an honourable mention "The Golden Receipt 2016" (Złoty Paragon). The rest gathered speed. Thanks to diversified products and capacities (from 25g to 10kg), we contributed to the idea of the HoReCa sector. Today, our products can be found in nearly every shop. Fruity jars attract with their aroma even those who are the most resistant to sweets. What about our fruity adventure? It has been developing very well... as STOVIT is a reliable way to have a healthy and naturally fruity day!


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